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The main concept is women's endless desire for beauty. We cannot easily describe what beauty is. As far as it is an everlasting question, we are always in the dark hole and cannot find the way to get out.The unseen hole in which we have been for so long is thze 'KRAGENEIDECHSE', which is just like a labyrinth.

Every woman wishes to become more beautiful and tries to go on a hard diet to be like a mannequin.They are nothing less than 'slaves of beauty'. The masterpiece in the fashion history which symbolises it is the birth of corset. Once you hear your bones shrieking by wearing a corset, you will be confronted with the fact that your body is heavily damaged by the effect of tight-lacing. A corset is no longer just an underwear, it is more close to our frame, to say nothing of our figure. It is a symbol of sense of beauty, and at the same time it is a 'destructive instrument'.

However, what is interesting is that women think nothing is more satisfying than the beautiful curved form of body they could gain by strangling their body. They dare risk their losing health for the artificial perfect figure. The IRONY we should not overlook is implied in our story. The core of a matter is always hidden and we do not have a chance to see it directly. You should always be ready to have your imaginations. It seems very hard for us to see ourselves objectively. However in this story, we intended to give a chance for people to see themselves from outside. The story tells you what would happen inside of your body when you wear a corset. These portraits are the symbols of 'a slave of beauty' who stood looking at her inside in a silent room, which express what we think beauty is. Our story is not a fantasy divorced from reality nor a reality divorced from a fantasy.

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2008> now going on
Feb.22- Hair Salon HAYATO, London

2007 >
Sep.3-30 @ SOHO GALLERY, London
Nov.8-15 @AVA GALLERY, London
Aug/13-Sep.2 2007 @Claire de Rouen Books, London
July7-Sep.19 @süß museum,Tokyo
Apr27-May20 @parabolica bis,Tokyo
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