NEON O'CLOCK WORKS is a creative unit of

Driven by innate spirituality, inner necessity, and often by impulsive reaction the world they live in,
NEON O'CLOCK WORKS explores the mediums of photography, short films, drawings, installations and books.


‘Light is Calling’ is their first installation exhibition in New York showing their earlier box collages produced in 2006 in Japan, as well as screenings of some experimental short films produced in Tokyo and in London between 2006-2012. These box collages were originally made to symbolize the energy of human desires in the form of box-shaped coffins, - more precisely, female desire for beauty inspired by the history of corsets. Dying for their perfect body of beauty, women suffer from the pain by the act of distorting their body.
Each boxes that are put up on the wall all connected with electric cables has a tiny light bulb and are light-up in the evening time that creates somewhat sacred and solemn atmosphere. The pure energy of their creativity filled in each box that has been slept for nearly 10 years in the artist’s closet, is now time to awake, and to be unveiled. 

For NEON O’CLOCK WORKS, working as a unit means to them as what Carl Jung said :
“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances:
If there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

They also collaborate with other unique artists, performers from all over the world.
Sayaka Maruyama individually work as a photographer / filmmaker and
Tomihiro Kono is well-known for his handmade wigs and distinctive head props
he creates for artists / musicians / performing artists.